Brown Basilisk

This is a small brown basilisk (Basiliscus vittatus). Here in Belize they are also known as “Jesus Christ lizards,” because of their ability to run across the surface of water for short distances. Photographed on April 10, 2009.

Stormy Sunrise

The weather in Placenia has been somewhat windy and overcast for the last day or two, which is apparently unheard of for this time of year. This morning there was a hint of sunrise, but the wind was still blowing. I used a slow shutter speed to show the movement of the palm leaves. Photographed on April 9, 2009.

Travel reading

This isn’t directly photography-related, but I’ve recently been taking the Kindle e-book reader with me when I travel. It’s a good alternative to bringing the half dozen books I might otherwise carry. Those weight savings are especially nice when I’m already loaded down with photo gear. Anyways, this was just a fun shot I setup while reading by the pool…feels very 2009 to me.

Orchid’s Tongue

When I noticed this detail on the orchid in our kitchen, I felt that focusing in on it would make for an interesting image. It’s difficult to make novel images of flowers, because they are such popular subjects. Hopefully this one feels at least a little unique. Photographed on February 10, 2009.