Back from Madagascar

I’m back from Madagascar. It was an amazing trip. We visited Amber Mountain National Park in the north and Andasibe and Mantadia National Parks in the east. Photographically it was quite challenging…this was my first time shooting in a jungle setting, and it turns out to be quite difficult to isolate the animals from all the trees. It’s also very dark under the canopy, so I was always using 1600 ISO. I’ve posted a gallery with some of my Madagascar images.

Tom McCall Preserve

I woke up really early this morning and drove to the Columbia Gorge for sunrise. My destination was Tom McCall Preserve, a plateau that is protected by the Nature Conservancy. At this time of year it’s covered with native wildflowers…primarily balsamroot and lupine. The weather was cloudy when I arrived, but I set off up the trail anyways. Luckily the sun broke through as I was climbing the ridge, and I was treated to one of the most beautiful natural displays I’ve ever seen.